The Wind that Wanders

To wander is to be alive.

Today I realised I hadn’t even copied the photos of my Sydney trip from the card. There are quite a lot, but this particular collection is from Watsons Bay, and it’s what I cherish most from the trip!
The last pic is a special one. It is the sight that caught my eyes as I finally made up my mind to leave Watsons Bay- the glimmering lights from the distant city and the lonely boat anchored towards its direction. I was alone at the wharf since the previous ferry had already emptied most of the crowd, and the remaining visitors (if any) were yet to make it to the wharf.
For a moment, I was filled with an inexplicable feeling that felt more like a pricking sadness or melancholia. As if I was leaving behind something that belonged to me and loved so dearly!
I wiped off the tears that had already started falling from my eyes.
When I finally got on the last ferry, I knew I traded a piece of my heart for the fond memories of that evening at Hornby Lighthouse!

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