Sunija Muppathupara Vijayan

I am a visual artist and researcher based in West Midlands. Drawing on my experiences growing up in a small coastal town in southern India and living and working in several Indian cities before migrating to the UK, my work grapples with the questions of identity, marginality, migration, climate change, development and displacement.

With a background in Development Studies (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) and Urban Analytics and Visualisation (University of Warwick), I approach photography as a means of both documenting and critically reflecting on the dynamic forces that shape our cities and communities. My creative practice evolved alongside almost a decade of interdisciplinary social research and training and is informed by my lived experience. It emerges from my quest for alternate ways of knowing, sensing and understanding the world we live in.

Through my lens, I aim to capture the human stories and struggles that lie at the heart of these complex social, cultural, and environmental issues, while also exploring the broader ecological and social impacts of global processes such as climate change and urbanisation.

My work reflects my commitment to social justice and my belief in the power of art to create change and challenge dominant narratives.